Conference aims to promote business

The 7th World Conference of the Lebanese International Business Council (LIBC), also known as Planet Lebanon 2017, will witness the largest gathering of elite local and expatriate Lebanese businessmen, said Nassib Fawaz, Lebanese International Business Council (LIBC) chairman.
“This event is the single most important international economic and financial convention of Lebanese expatriates,” said Fawaz in a press release announcing Planet Lebanon 2017 on Monday.
“The biggest difference with the conference this year is the diversity of participants, especially including the Lebanese immigrants from all countries” said Fawaz.
Still, Fawaz argued, the public sector must move forward with critical improvements in the economy at large. He cautioned that, while many business connections were made at previous Planet Lebanon gatherings, and more connections will likely be made at this year’s gathering, “many steps must be taken to improve the business climate.
” While the private sector is very active and there is a lot of interest from the Diaspora to invest in the Lebanese economy, the government is also important, to create stability, and an environment where people want to come and invest,” Fawaz said.
While a key component of the conference is to develop and advance business opportunities, Fawaz said that structural issues will also be high on the agenda. A parallel Fair promoting sponsors business is also scheduled in parallel to the conference, as. He added.
According to Gayath Rifai the General Secretary of LIBC, the main objective of this conference is to enhance investment and trade through knowledge and network development. The conference aims to achieve this goal by strengthening the links between the Lebanon and the worldwide based Lebanese business community.